Handly Creation Review successful

by Vladimir Piskarev

It’s hard to find the words to convey what you feel when your first Eclipse project is being created before your very eyes. Thus, I shall restrain myself to simply expressing appreciation to all of you who have been interested in the proposal (or even took time to read my commentary on it and spread the word). Special thanks (in alphabetical order) to Doug, Marcel, Sven and Wayne; without your help and support, it would not be possible for the project to reach this phase within a relatively short time.

I hope that Handly will nicely fit the “Incubators Stream” of its parent Technology Project, as defined in the Project Charter (“incubation of small-scale, innovative platform and tools projects”). Being a small-scale project, it’s unlikely that its community is going to be particularly large. However, I do hope that its community will be friendly, diverse and vibrant. It’s an explicit goal for the project that we shall try to achieve.

We’re eager to make the initial contribution available to the community as soon as technically and legally possible. After that, please join in the development effort, participate in feature planning and design discussions, begin using this thing and provide valuable feedback, or simply ask questions. Remember, you are always welcome here. Thank you!