State of Handly for June 2014

by Vladimir Piskarev

It has been a busy four months for the Handly team since the project was created in February of 2014.

The initial code contribution from 1C has passed the Eclipse Foundation’s full IP review, we have a PMI-based website, source in Git, bugs in Bugzilla and builds running on every commit.

Even though the current project team is only staffed by 1C employees, we make it a point to communicate in the open on the adopter forum and the developer mailing list, and have provided the contributor guide and the committer FAQ in preparation for community participation.

I had the pleasure of giving a 30-minute talk on Handly at this year’s XtextCON. Here are the slides. My blog posts on topics surrounding Handly are syndicated to Planet Eclipse to ensure broader reach and exposure to potential adopters and contributors. We have made available an architectural overview and a basic exemplary implementation that might be of use to those interested in the project.

Finally, the Handly 0.1 release just shipped on-time, coinciding with Eclipse Luna symbolically. This release is quite stable and is going to be used by at least one major adopter. We have no outstanding bugs for the moment. However, if you run into issues, please report them via Bugzilla. We are committed to steadily improving the level of quality with each subsequent release (that includes tests and documentation).

Now, we’d love to receive your feedback as we are setting directions for the next major release. Please use the adopter forum to post your comments and questions.