Announcing Handly 0.5

by Vladimir Piskarev

I am very pleased to announce the availability of the Handly 0.5 release, a true “2.0” version in spirit. This release introduces an entirely new design that gives the implementor of a Handly-based model complete control over the model API. Among other things, this should make it possible to use Handly for (re-)implementing handle-based models where the model API is a given, just as in the case of a preexisting model API that needs to be preserved for backward compatibility. Many of the core APIs have been revised in this release to make Handly even more flexible and robust.

New and Noteworthy
Migration Guide

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this release:

  • Ondrej Ilcik, head of IDE Team at Codasip, has kindly contributed a navigator view for the Java model example, which made its way into this release. This is the first significant (~ 4K LOC) contribution to the project by a non-committer. Codasip Studio is one of the earliest adopters of Handly, and it is really great to see that a major adopter becomes a significant contributor. Also, Ondrej has been so kind as to share a great success story of Codasip Studio and Handly, which is all the more valuable as the first success story published by a Handly adopter.
  • Vlad Dumitrescu, the project lead of erlide, has been actively participating in discussions on the project’s mailing list. His earlier feedback helped inspire the new design introduced in this release, and he has also contributed great ideas about restructuring the project’s web page to make it more readable.
  • Peter Gribanov, 1C, has contributed a success story describing how 1C:Enterprise Development Tools, the earliest adopter of the project, is using Handly.

Thank you for contributing!