Eclipse Handly 0.6 Released

by Vladimir Piskarev

We are pleased to announce the availability of Eclipse Handly 0.6 release. This release is an incremental improvement of the entirely new design introduced in Handly 0.5, with special emphasis on facilities for non-breaking API evolution and support for non-local file systems and files external to the Eclipse workspace.  Besides quite a few revisions through the whole spectrum of the core API, new features include a context API (499220), an API for the model object (500653), and a notification manager API (505777).

New and Noteworthy
Migration Guide

If you are new to Handly or just wish a succinct refresher, here is a bunch of slides about the project’s background, goals, and current status:

You can also take a look at the project’s getting started guide, which has been updated for the new Handly release:

The Handly Team