Announcing Handly 0.7

We are pleased to announce the availability of Eclipse Handly 0.7 release, which contains a number of enhancements in Core API.

New and Noteworthy
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The 0.7 release has been informed in a large part by trying to adopt Handly in a specially created experimental fork of Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) to test the core framework in the context of a non-trivial, well-known existing model implementation, the Java model. The JDT Core component has a comprehensive suite of JUnit tests, including nearly 8 000 tests specifically for the Java model. All of the Java model tests, including performance tests, run successfully in the Handly-based fork now. None of the existing public JDT APIs have been affected in any way. Notably, most of the internal JDT (non-)APIs have also been kept intact. We humbly hope that it can serve as a real-world example of what Handly is capable of now and help encourage further adoption. Broader community feedback and participation would be most welcome.